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Often labs are accessible via telnet or SSH and devices accessible via console cable, using an access router and terminal lines. Did you ever dare to configure a production ASA with a thousand ACLs, a lot of NATs, possibly a dozen VPNs, via the command prompt? I like the command line (especially when similarly configuring a dozen ASAs of branch offices), but the ASDM provides a high level overview. You cannot use this GUI via a console cable, you need IP access.

Now you can access the lab via WebVPN. Just use the freely available Cisco Anyconnect client, which runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and iOS, or use OpenVPN. You will get a tunnel to the BlackRack LAN with the lab ASAs, routers and switches – including an access router with console cables to all devices, and SSH, telnet and HTTPS access (ASDM).

Due to the relocation I currently have online: 2 ASA 5520, 2 ASA 5505, 2 1841 routers and two switches, to have an ASA lab for example for doing VPN.

Just contact me if you would like to have access for serious training or tests.

ASA 5520

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mahendran says:

provide ASA access to learn

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